Begijnhof Audio Research Terminal 

A laboratory to challenge, spark, incubate, manifest and develop new ideas, artistic visions and everything in between.
Begijnhof Audio research Terminal is located in the centre of Ghent. Our room combines the best of analog and digital in a hybrid setup ensuring maximum flexibility. 
Our core recording system is based around 2 Universal Audio Apollo interfaces, offering a total of 16 analog in and outputs.

Analog synths include an EMS VCS 3 with TKS sequencer, Buchla Music Easel, A custom mechanical modular, a selection of Nord modulars, Moog, Formanta Polivox as well as an extended software library. including an extensive range of UAD plugins. 

Artists we have collacorated with at B.A.R.T. include Madensuyu, Lotte Vanhamel, Goose, Hercules & Love Affair, Mumbai Science, SymbolOne, Penny Rimbaud, Gamelan Voices, Go march! and many more...