At the end of 1999, an anonymous package arrives at the office of radio host Lux Janssen, who at that time hosts Krapuul De Lux, the premier alternative show on Belgian national radio Studio Brussels. The package consists of a pizza box, filled with french fries, lots of mayonaise and a sickness bag containing a CD. The outside of the pizza box is marked by the hand sewn logo of Galacticamendum. Lux and Smout eat the fries and listen to the track. Galacticamendum’s first dose of audio is an intense electronic frenzy, a blueprint for what’s now commonly referred to as Electropunk. Later that night ‘Egobandwidth’ makes its debut national radio. It’s to be the first of a long series of anonymous tracks, arriving every thursday in handmade artwork, often using medical bandage, pain killers or floppy disks ripped apart. Since then, GALACTICAMENDUM have remained an elusive outfit, only sporadically reappearing from the dark, and never compromising to any specific format.

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